Marc Abrams Hedge Fund

Marc Abrams is the found of Clearwater Ventures. The firm focuses on delivering actionable plans based on a thorough top down and bottom up review and analysis. Its clients include Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney Leadership PAC, EBoost Energy Drinks and a well-known, successful, and  cutting edge Alternative Investment Manager  that first coined and utilized the term, Volatility Arbitrage, a term that later became its own hedge fund category.




Clearwater has assisted clients across business, finance and politics. We’ve helped individuals get elected to Congress, and helped some of the most successful asset managers provide superior returns to their clients.




Problems are simply challenges that should serve as catalysts for normal strategy re-assessments and improvements. We call ourselves Clearwater to represent that clients should have a transparent view in good times and bad.



We believe in 100% alignment of interests between our clients and stakeholders.



We devise innovative approaches utilizing our extensive knowledge of the financial and politicla landscape,  and international network of thought leaders.



Clearwater Ventures, Inc.

Clearwater Ventures, Inc. is a corporate, political and private investment consulting company focusing on providing innovative, strategic solutions for its partners and clients across all sectors and industries. The firm is approximately 13 years old and was founded in December 2003 by Marc Abrams. The firm focuses on delivering actionable plans based on a thorough top down and bottom up review. This includes analysis and utilizing its extensive knowledge and international network of thought leaders and public and private sector leaders to devise innovative, creative approaches to meet your goals.

The firm was named Clearwater in order to make clear our philosophy that transparency with our partners, investors and stakeholders is a critical ingredient to success – both in the best of times but most importantly when the times are not the best. Marc Abrams, the Founder of Clearwater Ventures also provides legal services through his law firm, which often serves as outside general counsel or legal advisor to our clients and is dedicated to pro bono endeavors that ensure upward mobility that is accessible to all.

Marc Abrams Financial Strategy Meeting

Clients and partners past and present


  • Honorable Carolyn B. Maloney Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Carolyn B. Maloney Leadership PAC
  • Honorable Barbara Kennelly, CT Governor’s Race
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
  • Congressman Martin Frost (DCCC Chair/ Democratic Caucus Chair)



  • Alternative Investment Manager (Assets in excess of $800mm and top ranked in performance during 07/08 crisis)
  • Real Estate Development (Multifamily housing/assisted living)
  • Boutique Institutional Investment Bank
  • Online Mortgage Bank (Group affiliation/membership program)
  • Internet Start Up Incubator (Advising various emerging technology companies on brand, financial and media positioning)



  • Argentina Real Estate Partners (Largest owner/operator of taxi fleets in Buenos Aires)
  • EBoost (Energy Drinks)
  • Theraplant (Medical cannabis manufacturing and one of the four state licensed medical cannabis manufacturers in Greenwich, CT)
  • Global Election Services/ Blockchain Technology Corp.


Our Process

Clearwater Ventures provides innovation and problem solving solutions to private and public corporate leadership. In addition to this, we provide solutions and strategy for political leaders through a no holds barred, independent assessment of the situation, challenges, and problems and then devising a thoughtful, innovative, actionable “solution”.


Our Philosophy

Clearwater’s philosophy is that the key to success is opportunity recognition. This includes understanding the barriers to success and for competition, appropriate financial structuring and correct positioning and marketing. By doing this the product or service is sculpted to proactively drive demand. Clearwater believes that problems are often compounded when they are not fully clarified.

This includes recognizing which collateral, unintended consequences or liabilities are created by what may appear the initial clear cut solution. We believe that problems are essentially challenges that should serve as catalysts for normal strategy re-assessments and improvements. In addition to this, they should serve as a core piece of the iterative approach to growth.


Our Strategy